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WWII Spitfire Propeller RESERVATION

WWII Spitfire Propeller RESERVATION

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The Supermarine Spitfire is one of the most recognizable aircraft, not just of the war, but of all time. It first flew before the conflict kicked off, but it was in production throughout the war and morphed into various different versions and was surviving in the conflict right up until the very end of the war. Even today, it is still a machine that captivates people as the aircraft is seen flown regularly at airshows across the world. Other aircraft perhaps superseded or matched the Spitfire in the war, but many still see it as the ultimate fighter of World War 2.

This iconic piece of WWII history could be yours in a beautiful presentation pen, or an everyday pen you can carry and share with your friends.

Upon purchase, we will discuss how you would like your pen made, and the price of the reservation will be deducted from the final product price.  All items are guaranteed authentic, and come with a COA.

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